Streaming + Paywall

Monetize your content adding a paywall or making them free (with curated sponsorship). All ticketing options are available for your live videos.

No minimums required, no credit card needed.

Partnerships available for agencies and other intermediaries.

notikumi now is LIVE.

How it works?

1 Sign-up, create a show and choose your pricing.

2 Activate ticket sales. Promote your event.

3 Broadcast you event (live or on-demand).

4 Receive your money in your bank account.

Why notikumi live?

Live or on-demand

Add a paywall to your previously recorded content or new live shows.

Any video

Publish recorded or live content, add a payment gateway and monetize your creations.

Free videos or paywalled

Make money with your videos by enabling donations, sponsors or adding a paywall

Compra directa

Allow free video access or limit by registering through a donation or buying a ticket.

Ads and sponsors

Your videos, your ads. Not ours. We work with proprietary and third-party ad servers.

Prerolls, banners

Customize your content with pre-rolls and banners from your sponsors

Multiple pricing options

We have been in the ticketing business for 9 years. We probably already have the dynamic pricing, discount, or tranche selling option that best fits your needs.

Cientos de dinámicas

Con 9 años de experiencia en ticketing, seguramente ya tengamos disponible cualquier dinámica de precio, descuento, escalados, que se te ocurra

Multi Camera

Stream with one or several cameras simultaneously.

Personalized experience

Multi-venue events, private rooms, meet and greet...

Cross Selling

Sell more products in a single buying process.

Fill your cart

Add products to your catalog and allow customers to buy them while accessing your show.

CRM and stats

User data analytics tools


Segment your users, analyze the impact of your campaigns, manage UTMs. Integrated with analytics, facebook pixel tracking, criteo...

GDPR audited

The client database is yours.
We are intermediaries.

Grow your client database

Grow your database by adding fields to your buying process.


Resellers and agencies

Integrate and customize your clients’ streamings
(embed code)


Integrate the system for your clients. Manage several clients’ vídeos with our multi-account users.

No registration needed

Attendees do not need to sign up to any platform to enjoy your event.

Direct selling

Straightforward buying process with no required registry or intermediate steps.

Try our paywalled streaming now for free

It takes 30 seconds, no credit card required.

Payment system

We’ve been selling tickets for 9 years

  • All cards admitted
  • 10 currencies (euros, dollars, pounds, pesos, etc.)
  • Payment in your bank account
  • Anti-fraud filters
  • PCI DSS Certification


No user limit

  • Maximum quality broadcasting
  • Multiple simultaneous emissions
  • Live streams channelled through a private RTMP route
  • On-demand vídeos run through the same platform


Keep using the tools you already work with

  • Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking
  • Criteo
  • Google Tag Manager

Try our paywalled streaming now for free

It takes 30 seconds, no credit card required.